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Probate and Estate Planning
What is a Will?
What is a Living Will?
What is a Power of Attorney?
What is the difference between a durable and non-durable Power of Attorney?
Can I give a Power of Attorney to multiple people at the same time?
What is a Medical Power of Attorney?
What is Probate Property?

Probate Property is any property which you own at the time of your death which aside from certain property which is to pass by contract to another party, the beneficiary, upon your death. Examples of non-probate property are insurance policies and retirement accounts payable to a named beneficiary (not the estate) and property in Join and Survivorship form, Payable on Death (POD) form or Transfer on Death (TOD) form. The fact that items are not included as “Probate Property” does not necessarily mean that they will not be subject to Ohio or Federal Estate Tax.

When should you begin your estate plan?
When should I have my estate plan reviewed?